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“I am free to wander.
Heading in the right direction.
Not all who wander are lost.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien


And welcome to my website… and to my leadership coaching & development practice!
As you have traveled on this journey called leadership, you have walked on different paths. Some have led to rewarding peaks, while others were more challenging. On some paths, you have been graced with the company of great teams, and on others, you have felt the chill of loneliness as you walked by yourself. You’ve likely had some good guidance along the way. And you’ve probably also learned that taking some paths based on your internal compass was the right thing to do. At this point of your journey, I encourage you to be satisfied with what you have accomplished, and proud of the distance you have traveled!
This leadership coaching and development practice has been created because you have many more paths ahead of you. The intent is to provide resources, offer coaching, and develop programs that can support you along this journey.
As you look further into this website, you will see that it reflects my belief and experience that if we approach our leadership as human beings who have been called to lead other human beings, we find more success as leaders. Please take a look around and plan to visit often. More content will be added regularly.
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Here’s to your leadership journey!

– Kirk

Authentic in PURPOSE... Skilled in PRACTICE... Rich in PARTNERSHIP.

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