It’s Your Leadership Movie!

“Part of consciousness is the lens we view the world through…humans rarely (if ever) do anything because of logic and reason. The part of us we consider rational is, in reality, a rationalizer. Your mind is creating little movies in which you are the star.”

— Scott Adams
Your Leadership Movie Poster!

As I was considering topics for my next blog post, I jumped on the internet to check out summer movies. We have family (granddaughters) coming soon for their summer visit and we always take them to a couple movies while they’re here. Toy Story 4 and the new Lion King both look awesome!

Looking at the movie trailers got me thinking. As leaders, each of us is the star of our own movie and we see the world through the eyes of a single character, ourselves. We watch our journey through the lens of our experiences of the past, our ambitions for the future, and what our beliefs are today.

Our storyline is defined by the situations we find ourselves in and the decisions that we make. We have many different characters that come in and out of the many scenes in our movie. Some challenge us… others make us heroes.

Each of us is the star of our own movie and we see the world through the eyes of a single character, ourselves.

Each of us wants our movie to be a hit. We strive for Toy Story and Lion King level reviews, but sometimes end up with reviews similar to The Emoji Movie. Not so great.

How to get better reviews for your leadership movie? Here are a couple of things for you to consider…

1) Try to see your movie through other people’s eyes. If you have someone close to you at work, ask them to give you honest feedback to help you with your development. Please know that have to be sincere about asking for the feedback. Also, know that some of it might sting a little. How you receive the feedback will determine how honest people are with you in the future. Here are just a few questions to help get you started:

  • In your eyes, where have I been successful as a leader?
  • Where have I been less successful as a leader?
  • When I am not in the room, what do others say about who I am as a leader?
  • What are two or three strengths that you see in my actions and behaviors?
  • How have these areas of strength enabled, encouraged, or achieved success for my team? For the organization?
  • What are one or two areas where my actions or behaviors should be improved or corrected?
  • What do you believe I have been conveying as two or three of my priorities for the organization over the past year?
  • What evidence have you seen that indicates that these priorities have been translating into action by my team and/or improved results for the organization.
  • In your opinion, have these been the right areas of focus?  If not, what do you think the two or three priorities should have been?
  • What advice do you have for me that might help me achieve increased success for my team? For myself?

Also, take advantage of quality self-assessments and 360s that might be available to you. Anything you can do to see your movie as others do will benefit you greatly.

2. Understand that each of us gets so engrossed in our own movie, that we totally forget that other people are the starring character in their own movie. You must find a way to better understand how they see their world, by trying to see their movie through their lens. A great way to do this is to develop some of your coaching skills. Developing your listening and questioning skills is a great start!

Remember – In your movie, you are the starring character as well as the director. You have choices on how it plays out. For others on your team? You definitely have a major role to play. Your influence in that role depends on how well you relate to their character and try to understand the world in which they’re filming.

Here’s to your leadership journey!

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