The Next Level in Leadership Assessment… Rejuvi!!!

Part 2 of my amazing Rejuvi experience:  Rejuvi builds-upon and extends leader assessment practices. 

One of the reasons Rejuvi resonates with me is because of its complementary nature.  It does not replace assessments I use.  Rejuvi, simply, is what is next.

I have learned to position assessments based-upon their purpose:

  • Level 1 Assessment:  Style-based assessments like MBTI® that help leaders become more self-aware of individual approaches.
  • Level 2 Assessment:  Strength-based assessments like StrengthFinders® that help leaders understand personal strengths and appreciate others’ strengths.
  • Level 3 Assessment:  Success-based profiles like Rejuvi® that help leaders understand differentiating sets of behaviors and practices that define excellence for a particular leadership role.

I would love to talk-through the extension and expansion of your existing assessment practices.  And, I would love to demonstrate how Rejuvi can be positioned as ‘what is next’ for your leaders.

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