Not a One Trick Pony… Rejuvi Is Multi-Dimensional

Part 3 of my amazing Rejuvi experience:  Rejuvi is multi-dimensional! It addresses both development of the leader and the development of the business.   One powerful feature of Rejuvi is that it links individual leader excellence with business excellence.  If your goal is to improve leaders, then a good first-step is understanding leader excellence.  If… Read More

The Next Level in Leadership Assessment… Rejuvi!!!

Part 2 of my amazing Rejuvi experience:  Rejuvi builds-upon and extends leader assessment practices.  One of the reasons Rejuvi resonates with me is because of its complementary nature.  It does not replace assessments I use.  Rejuvi, simply, is what is next. I have learned to position assessments based-upon their purpose: Level 1 Assessment:  Style-based assessments… Read More

A game-changer for growing leaders… Rejuvi!

I recently completed my Trusted Partner Processes with Rejuvi.  I am certified!  And, I am amazed by the multiple, valuable aspects of Rejuvi and its game-changing approach to leadership development.  Part 1 of my amazing Rejuvi experience:  Rejuvi is a game-changer. Rejuvi’s frame for leadership development is different.  It includes leader excellence… and business excellence! … Read More

COVID-19… The Longest Hallway Ever!

“You won’t see all of the doors of possibility until you start walking down the hall.” — Sherryl Frauenglass Have you heard the term liminal space? These are those in-between places we travel through as we go from one place to the next. Good examples are hallways, staircases, airports and waiting rooms. We don’t normally… Read More

A Leader’s Many Hats

“And all your future lies beneath your hat“ –John Oldham Above is a photo of one of my prized possessions… a hat that belonged to my late grandfather, Vernon Davis. He was a lifelong farmer who for many years, worked his land with Draft horses in southeast Iowa. I always remember him wearing this style… Read More

Leadership Loneliness – It’s Real

“Leadership can be lonely, and the only way to overcome that loneliness is to surround yourself with truth-tellers and people who care about you.”    — Bill George We’ve all heard the saying “It’s lonely at the top” right? There has been quite a bit of research conducted that shows that being a CEO can… Read More

Congratulations! You’re a High Performer – But Are You a High Potential Leader?

“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.” — Jim Rohn, entrepreneur and motivational speaker You’re a high performer. You know it because it says so right there on your most recent performance appraisal. You often exceed expectations and have a track record of getting things done. You are proud of your accomplishments…… Read More